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At THE eyeSOLUTION®, we believe confidence is a beautiful thing. Because when you look and feel your best, it really shows. That's why we worked with three amazing bloggers who understand that when it comes to embracing your own style, your eyes are your number one asset, and that by using quality products from Alcon, you can be confident in showing off your eyes' natural beauty at any age.

Meet the Bloggers

Naty Michele
Naty, age 32, is a lifestyle, style and beauty blogger from the New Jersey/New York area. Her work encourages her readers to believe in themselves and follow their dreams, whatever they may be, which made her an amazing fit for this campaign.

"I think eyes are one of the most important things when it comes to confidence."
Read more of Naty's eye care and style tips at A Love Affair With Fashion.
Ty Alexander
Ty Alexander, age 40, is an expert online beauty and lifestyle editor and social media consultant. Her blog is dedicated to inspiring women to embrace their authentic selves, which is what inspired us to work with her.

"You really connect with someone just by having eye contact... and that is beautiful in itself."
Read more of Ty's eye care and style tips at Gorgeous in Grey.
Beth Djalali
Beth is a 57-year-old style blogger from Athens, GA. We fell in love with her work because she encourages women to embrace their personal style so they meet every day armed with confidence.

"Eyes are the window to your soul! Looking into their eyes is the first connection you make with people."
Read more of Beth's eye care and style tips at Style at a Certain Age.
Go Behind the Scenes
Products For Beautiful Eyes At Any Age
Naty's Favorite
For contact lens wearers, comfort is the key to beauty. Experience all-day comfort with the advanced cleaning and disinfection of OPTI-FREE® Puremoist®
Ty's Must-Have
Don't let irritated eyes smudge your makeup and ruin your confidence. SYSTANE® Lubricant Eye Drops help relieve irritating dry eye symptoms fast.
Beth's Pick
Deep clean your lenses each night with CLEAR CARE® PLUS Contact Lens Solution and get more hours of comfortable wear, so you don't have to hide your eyes behind your glasses.

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