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Kathryn Polyack is a music teacher with a delicious hobby: cake decorating. She makes it look easy, but each cake is a labor of love—painstakingly crafted from scratch in the hours she’s not at school teaching. Her award-winning cakes feature everything from decorative fondant to vibrant, hand-painted colors and it can often take several days to go from first batter to final touches. Watch and read how Alcon products help Kathryn make her artistic vision a reality.

We sat down with Kathryn Polyack to talk a little bit more about her life and how she keeps her eyes and contact lenses comfortable.

What do you do for a hobby?

My current, most time-consuming hobby is cake decorating! I started taking classes in December of 2012 and haven’t looked back since. I do everything myself—I find inspiration, plan each cake, mix it, bake it and, of course, decorate it. I’ll spend anywhere from 15 hours on a “typical” cake to nearly 100 hours on more detailed ones. It’s a huge effort!

How important to you is it that your eyes are comfortable throughout the day?

Cake decorating is intensely detailed and delicate, and I need my vision to be crystal clear! Since I do this hobby in addition to my full-time teaching, comfortable eyes are imperative. I can’t go home and relax, take out my contacts and throw on the glasses. I need the crispness offered by my contacts, and I need the comfort to last late into the evening. Lately, I’ve been using CLEAR CARE® and it’s been working swimmingly!

What’s your favorite part of cake decorating?

My favorite part of cake decorating is handing the cake to the recipient. I feel like I put a little piece of myself into each creation, and I love to see the look on their face when they receive something made just for them!

What else do you enjoy doing?

I love traveling, music and writing, and I’m a HUGE hockey fan. I create scrapbooks of my travels, teach and write music, and blog the details of my cake adventures—I even made a cake for a players’ foundation benefit. I think I just like to challenge myself to discover and try new things.

Clean & Comfortable with H2O2

Kathryn relies on the bubbling power of CLEAR CARE® for clean and comfortable contact lenses that feel like new. No matter how you spend your day in contact lenses, find the right solution for you at THEeyeSOLUTIONTM.

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