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Creating your own line of clothing takes no small effort, but Taneasha Prunty’s ambition and drive are matched only by her eye for design. Her label, Gidi, is classic, dependable and timeless—much like herself. Always looking for inspiration in the world around her, she lets a favorite quote from Leonardo da Vinci guide her work; “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Every aspect of Taneasha’s work requires incredible attention to detail. From first sketches to final production, take a look at how Taneasha has relied on Alcon products to help her find success.

We had some time to ask Taneasha a little bit more about herself, her apparel and how she stays comfortable in contact lenses.

How did you get into fashion design?

My passion for design began quite early, around age 5 or 6, while watching my mother design and sew unique pieces for me and my sisters while growing up. My mother was self-taught, and whenever she created pieces for me, I was right at her feet, studying and mimicking her every move, infatuated with the process—unknowingly perfecting my craft! My label, Gidi, has literally been decades in the making.

How important to you is it that your eyes are comfortable throughout the day?

Eyesight is at the core of my job performance. Comfortable eyes are important because irritation is a major distraction. In order to be fully aware and open to new ideas, it’s important to be in the proper place to do so. If I spent my entire day rubbing my eyes, I’d miss so many wonderful moments—especially during allergy season! I recently switched to using Alcon products for my eye care needs and I’ve been very happy.

What’s your favorite part of designing and making clothes?

My favorite part is seeing an abstract thought take physical form! Sample production can be really exciting. It’s where battles are won and lost. The most important components of your design converge: the fit, construction and quality all express your original idea in physical form. It’s a beautiful realization of a dream, and all these years later, it’s still incredibly exciting!

What else do you enjoy doing?

I think of myself as a people person—I enjoy engaging and communicating with all kinds of different people. I started taking piano lessons. I’ve recently dropped off and would really like to get back into it, because I found it so mentally stimulating!

Comfortable Eyes & Clean Lenses

Taneasha’s eyes help her to not only find inspiration, but also to spot mistakes and realize her creative vision. Comfortable, clean contact lenses with OPTI-FREE® go a long way to making sure everything comes together perfectly. Find the right product for your eye care needs at THEeyeSOLUTION™.

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Feel Free From Distraction

ZADITOR® helps Taneasha manage itchiness caused by allergens in the air that irritate her eyes. It works fast and lasts up to 12 hours to keep distractions out of her workday. There’s a solution made for your eyes at THEeyeSOLUTION™.

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